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[Backlog] (v0.6.0a) Add ability to use Guns/Knives
If a players equips a gun, they should be able to shoot this weapon, if they equip a knife, they should be able to use this weapon (default skill that uses energy). 

- Player must be within a certain range
- Player must not be too close to target if using gun
- Each shot/stab use uses 10 energy points
- Players can still use normal hand combat skills
- Add default skill (Shoot/Stab) relevant to what is equipped and can only be used if weapon equipped

- DONE: Add player name and target name to info badges
- Modify current npc target when clicking/touching on npc/player
- If using mainhand/offhand, check player range to target depending if gun or knife
- If all tests pass, trigger weapon use
This will need to wait, we do not have the current 3D models to develop this feature further
Wizards Workshop

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